Your doctor's post-cataract surgery treatment plan may include PROLENSA® because of its many features

Treatment of inflammation and pain after cataract surgery

  • PROLENSA® reduced inflammation in eyes as early as 8 days after cataract surgery
  • About 4 out of 5 patients taking PROLENSA® were pain-free the day after surgery with one dose given the day of surgery*

*Individual results may vary

Designed with patient comfort in mind

  • PROLENSA® has a pH similar to human tears
  • Patients treated with PROLENSA® reported less stinging, scratchiness, redness, and sensitivity to light compared to placebo

Consistent dosing

  • With PROLENSA®, you get the same amount of treatment with every drop, every time
  • PROLENSA® only needs to be used once a day
  • No shaking is required with PROLENSA®

Established treatment

  • PROLENSA® has been prescribed for over 5 years with more than 2.7 million prescriptions and counting
  • PROLENSA® is a product of Bausch + Lomb, a leading global eye-health company with over a 160-year history